Thursday, August 18, 2011

When the Going GetsTough

I had a little setback today. I had some stitches in my hip a few weeks ago, and today when I was running outdoors (at 5 am i.e. dark) I fell. On my hip. And popped the area again.

Accident. Bump in the road. Literally and figuratively.

All I needed today was to cry, to verbalize my frustration, my situation, my sadness.

I couldn't do anything to make my situation instantly go away. I am going to have to wait, to be patient, to take it step by step.

Those who know me personally know that I exercise - hard - daily. Bar hospitalization, I am moving in the gym or outdoors every morning.

So this is hard for me. It will take discipline to get back allow myself to heal.

How does this relate to our kids and reading?

Sometimes they may just need to cry. To tell you it's hard. To tell you they are sad, and they are frustrated. And you in turn, will have to help them learn to be patient, to take it step by step, and to help them grow.

I know a few months down the road this will be healed and I will look back and see my growth. Tell your child the same. It may not look too different day by day, BUT every day they do get better. Reading does get easier in some way, some how.

But give them those days to cry. They need it.

I also have to thank those who let me cry, verbalize and be sad today. I am glad you are my friends!

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