Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I took note of this comment...

My eldest son is starting middle school this year. This week, he has been attending a three day orientation.

Unlike me, he is not scared (or he's not letting on). He's so excited. Everything is better, brighter, "cooler," and more to his liking. I am so glad.

Today they took a tour of another part of campus. His first comment: "MOM! The library is so awesome! I can't wait!" No mention of the cafeteria, the classrooms...even the locker rooms.

Yes, he's the reader. He's got it in his bones now. He won't shake it...even with the pressures of being a teenager. That comment tells me volumes.

It also reminds me that elementary is CRUCIAL in forming attitudes about reading. Making the library the neatest place on campus...

I have decided to think of some way to celebrate our class Library Day. Each class has a designated time/day to go...we need to make it up there with Field trips. I'll think of something, don't worry. But if you have ideas...

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