Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two Weeks From Tomorrow...

It's back to school for kids in Texas. It's also time to start getting back into the routine, if you haven't already. I told my boys that this is the week we crack down and get our sleep cycles back to normal, start getting all our supplies ready to go, and take screen time from summer mode to school mode.

Matt finished his summer reading list for Middle School, and the twins each finished their latest book...but I am going to start getting them to log their daily reading. They are going to be asked to do it during school, so why not get started?

No, I am not unrealistic...I know all of this is going to be met with resistance -- a lot -- but I know that after the first week, they will know it is expected, and they will get it done.

Step one...make a chart with each of them for the reading. Sit and talk about when and where they will do their reading.

Step two - don't waiver. Make it happen, without yelling. Sit down with them, and make it a fun part of the day, not a task. Mix it up - some independent days, some together days - I am going to have the boys take turns reading to Nick.

Step three - the sleep schedule. This is actually tougher for us. Four boys is like a permanent sleepover. They like to sleep together (despite rooms of their own), thus there is talk. Getting them to quiet down is a feat in itself. That's where the reading is going to help. Having them to read right before bed isn't something I have pushed them to do - Matt and Nick are diehards, but the twins would rather be active right until lights out.

So I have my work cut out for me. I will let you know how it goes.

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