Saturday, August 13, 2011

Add technology to the equation

No, not the Kindle or the Nook. I am talking about a blog! By your child, for children.

One of my sons, Sam, is a computer nut with a capital N -- and you could underline, bold, and italicize it.

He's one of those readers who likes to do just what's required, but he will talk a blue streak about it...if it is on the computer. I have had him email me daily with "updates" about his reading. Just to keep him reading, actually.

It's working too. He loves to email all the details. I have started to respond to him with suggestions on how to summarize, questions I may have about the characters, and positive suggestions about how to edit and punctuate his emails to me.

He enjoyed the emailing so much, he's started to include both sets of grandparents, who live in California and Washington. It's nice, because it's actually a way that he is bonding with them individually. Being a child of four isn't always the easiest, especially when it comes to alone time with others.

It may be the incentive they need, and there are lots of benefits!

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