Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Cried...Again

Last night I finished The Art of Racing in the Rain. And I bawled.

My kids noticed the tears.

"What mom? Are you ok?" They looked puzzled, until they realized I was holding the Kindle. Then they got it.

"Oh...the book, right?" I nodded, still processing the thoughts and feelings stirred up.

I was able to explain how it was sad, but it ended really positively. I told them there were some deaths in the story, but in each case, it wasn't scary and the characters were at peace about it. I told them I cried BECAUSE of the way it was handled so positively.

Matt asked if he could read it. I explained that there were two versions and I wanted him to read the one written for young readers (it adapts the more "explicit" parts to be age appropriate).

I think about how my kids (and students) get used to mom (Mrs. Forrest) crying at books, or getting angry, or gasping...they get used to emotion. It's a lesson for them, actually. As I have said over and over, letting books affect you -- get under your skin -- that's real reading.

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