Thursday, October 28, 2010

Using Fables

Lately, I have really enjoyed using fables in my classroom...they are great for the reading aspect, but also for vocabulary. Not to mention a perfect bridge for talking about kindness, respect, philanthropy, and giving.

We have read several versions of many of them -- it is surprising how many variations there are!

One in particular, I really liked. Jerry Pinkney's wordless picture book of The Lion and the Mouse.  I had my kids tell the story as we went along, since they weren't given words. It was fascinating to hear their interpretations of what they saw in the illustrations. When kids do that, they have to infer...a great skill...which causes them to tap into their previous knowledge, plus what is given, to figure out what is happening.

I would highly recommend using them with your kids. POWERFUL conversations.

And make sure you take the conversations from simply being about the book to how they can apply it right now, in their lives.

I am telling you -- great segways!

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