Saturday, October 16, 2010

Couldn't have said it better myself...

at points. Today the Statesman had an article focusing on the Texas Book Festival, and in it, she supported the idea that kids keep reading picture books instead of rushing into chapter books.

I agree...with disclaimers.

Picture books tend to have a very sophisticated vocabulary - tricky for decoding and comprehension at times. So my advice would be to read those aloud to your child, and allow them naturally to gravitate towards books (whatever form that would be) that they are able to read on their own.

New third graders to my classroom tend to pick up picture books for different reasons...they enjoy reading old favorites that have been read before, they need a brain break from picture-sparse chapter books, or they really rely on those pictures to get them through a book. It's the last ones that I worry about reading them independently.

They are the ones who will skip over that more challenging vocabulary...and just miss a ton.

So, I agree with her point that while we shouldn't be pushing our little ones into chapter books too early, we need to be cautious in how they are reading picture books too. They are an amazing opportunity to help them be exposed to and learn this deeper, more complex vocabulary, but they need you to help.

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