Friday, October 8, 2010

Choosing Reading over Recess's Friday, and I am sitting here planning.

Yes, there are a lot of other things I COULD be doing, but I got motivated, and now I am excited.

I can't wait for what we are going to do next. But is the excitement in the fact that I am going to teach Cause and Effect? No...

But it is in the books that I am going to be sharing in order to teach it.

Funny thing happened at lunch and recess today. About half of my class took books with them. No, I didn't ask, or require, or even SUGGEST it. It just happened.

No, it doesn't just happen, really, but my kids are beginning to fall in love with reading. They have found books they enjoy. Books they want to spend time with.

Yes, they should be running around at recess...and they do, but they also love to sit on the benches in the shade, novel in hand. And I love that.

I am pretty sure it is having an effect on how much reading they are doing - maybe they do most of their reading at school but at home it's tougher to make the time - but I am COMPLETELY sure of how it is having an effect on how they THINK about reading.

Our discussions are richer...I can ask Why? What do you think? Turn and talk to someone around you...and they are giving deep, more thoughtful answers.

They are sharing before I ask. They are asking for more.

Yes, I still have a few I am still really working with. Some with issues deeper than motivation. And yes, some still need me to meet every day with them simply to stay involved in the book they are in.


my class is reading. And boy am I proud of them!

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