Sunday, October 17, 2010

Book Festival = great fun!

I made it! In between baseball, working out, and the weekend errands, I got to the Book Festival -- and enjoyed it all...

Perfect weather for strolling through the tents, talking to authors, reading books along the way.

I had Sam and Nick in tow (Scott had the other two) and a funny thing happened. As we passed by a table, Sam picked up a book and exclaimed, "Hey, I know this book - we read it at school in our Texas Treasures book (textbook).

The book was a colorful book written by a class of second graders at a school for the deaf. It was a cute story, but Sam's connection and seeing him light up was what made an impression -- on me, and the women at the table. They were authors themselves, not of this book, but of others on the table.

They listened in on my conversation with Sam. I asked him to tell me about it - about the characters, his reaction, and his recollection of parts. I read the blurb to him and he told me how that gave clues about the story.

I asked him if he wanted me to buy one so he could share with his class, and mentioned that I too, could use it in my classroom, showing my kids that they could write books as a class too.

Before I could take out my wallet, both women gushed, "Please, take it - we would love for you both to have sounds like so many kids will benefit from your son having it and you too!"

Just like that. A free book. I can't wait to share it, and the story behind it, on Tuesday.

And do you think that made Sam's day as a reader? YOU BET. He beamed. To hear those women talk about him and give him a book -- HUGE IMPRESSION.

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