Monday, April 5, 2010

WOW - The movie and the book were so different!

Matt, Ben, Sam and I went to "How to Train Your Dragon" on Saturday afternoon. I was prepared for a different ending from the reviews I had read, but -- without giving the whole movie away -- IT WAS TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

I looked over at Matt several times -- I could tell from his furrowed brows that he was trying to figure out what was going on, and comparing it to what he had read.

Before I say more, I have to say I LOVED IT. I cried. A lot. It was a really touching story. I will definitely buy the DVD.

But - I want you to know that it isn't a true account of the book. They took the story of a boy and his dragon, the Viking community, and the theme of acceptance and misunderstood personalities and ran another course.

It worked. I don't want to make this a movie review, however.

I did have some great discussion with Matthew after it was over. I was really impressed with his ability to remember the book and tell me all the places where the movie took a different slant/turn.

Now I have to read the book with Ben and Sam. It will be important for me to talk to them along the way about what they are picturing in their heads, and what they are will be really easy for them to remember the images they saw on the screen...I need to teach them how to "follow" the book as we read.

I may have a sheet of paper with me where we can write down the differences - so they don't get confused, for one thing, but also to show them how books and movies contrast.

I am having a bit of trouble writing this without giving away the movie for you all...I will have to go into detail as I do the reading with Ben and Sam. That will give you time to go see the movie.

I was impressed with how they took an idea from a book, and kept the thematic credibility, yet changed the plot dramatically!

See the movie, but more importantly, READ THE BOOK.

I am buying the rest of her series today.

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