Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sometimes Reading Just Takes Commitment

I have been thinking a lot lately about how much my boys have improved in baseball this year. It is pretty much their first year participating in a very structured, well run, competitive League here in Austin. We have been SO blessed by the coaching they have had.

Here's what I am thinking.

Their coaches have been intense, but SO positive, AND they have a I-will-not-give-up-on-you-you-can-do-it attitude with them.

Never once have they focused their words on what the kids aren't doing. They have always phrased it in the positive, and shown them what to do that will make them better. They praise even the tiniest bit of improvement, and constantly stay with them.

My boys weren't used to that. They were used to the once a week practice with the volunteer dad at the Y, and everyone gets a trophy. Here, there are wins and losses, and everyone STRIVES TO WIN.

But our coaches know that there is only one formula that will work -- HARD WORK + COMMITMENT + POSITIVE ATTITUDE = CONFIDENT KIDS WHO GIVE THEIR BEST, AND WIN.

The Pirates, my twin's team, has only lost one game, and Matt's team hasn't done as well, but let me tell you his story.

Matt strikes out. A lot. He just doesn't have the knack of timing yet, and this has been extremely frustrating for him. He wants to hit. So he practices. He gets out there and keeps trying. He, the coaches, and Scott and I, just keep pumping the positive.

Last week, that paid off. Call it Divine Intervention or what, I was so happy for him. It was your classic scenario -- last ups of the night, Matt's team losing by four. A couple runs came in, but by the time Matt got to the plate, they were still down one and had two outs. Matt's friend was pitcher on the other team.

It gets even more dramatic -- it's the making of a book, really -- Matt gets full count, so it's the last pitch, do or die.

He hit it.


He ran to first, where the team watched as the final winning runs came in. As soon as they realized they had won, they dogpiled Matt.

I had never seen him so proud.

But, it took work, patience, and a positive attitude...

Apply the above to your reader. Trust me, their RBIs and winning hits WILL come.

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