Monday, April 19, 2010

On Not Giving Up on Anyone

Yesterday the paper ran a feature on Gary Paulsen, a very noted author (most well known for Hatchet) who is going to be in town. He has two new books out.

I haven't read a ton of his books, but I do know he is a very good writer. He spends countless hours researching before he writes, and that information is intricately woven in his writing. Kids learn a lot through them.

But he pulls no punches...he calls it like it is.

His latest book talks about the Revolutionary War, and from the review, I does not sugar coat it in any way. Just know that.

What I wanted to mention today about him, is that he comes from a very terrible background - alcoholism and abuse...he struggled in school, reading was hard. But...

A librarian handed him a book when he would escape into the library from time to time. She reached out, and her actions gave us a great writer.

This may be a message for teachers today -- but you never know when you will touch their lives with books, you never know when they will turn around and fall in love with it...

Keep giving them books. Keep trying to get them reading!

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