Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Celebrate the Successes!

Tears came to my eyes this morning as I opened an email from the baseball mom I was telling you about earlier. If you didn't read the earlier blog, I will quickly get you up to speed.

She has been working tirelessly with her son(s) and yet they still find reading extremely difficult, and it isn't something they would choose to do.

BUT!!!! I gave her a bag of books at baseball on Sunday...

Her email this morning : He read the book without prompting - "I walked in on him reading it and then he read it again. He liked doing voices and yelling out the statements. It was fun for him to be silly."

THERE IT IS -- first steps! If they enjoy it -- they will keep doing it!


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  1. One of my struggling readers just discovered a series that is keeping him motivated. Wiley and Grampa's Creature Features. Caleb brings a new one home from the school library every two or three days.

    I asked him what he liked about the books and he replied, "I like that each one has it's own storyline. Most series books are just the same storyline over and over with different characters or settings."

    Even struggling readers can have discerning taste.