Tuesday, April 27, 2010


There are several things on my mind today -- it's one of those without much of a focus...

First off, Matt is taking his standardized tests today and tomorrow...I am not having him cram. Instead, we did some leisurely reading, ate a good dinner and breakfast, and got a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, tonight is going to be a bit crazier with a baseball game until about 8:30. I just keep reminding him that this is what he's worked up to...he knows everything that he needs to. Now he just needs to relax, be confident, and USE HIS STRATEGIES. Underline proof for his answers in the stories, read slowly, re read, and read each answer. I also told him to take notes in the margins, and to take his time. Here in Texas they get unlimited time to complete the test, so time is not a pressure.

The other thing I have is interviews. I am getting excited to get back into the classroom, and talking with teams just gets me ready to jump in right now. At this point, I am not sure where I am going to be -- I want to interview at each of the schools to find a good match. Of course, it is nervewracking, no matter how "seasoned" you are. I want to make sure I tell them everything -- and want them to just love me and want me a part of their team.

So we will see.

The other thing I need to do is get a bunch of birthday presents...which means, a lot of gift cards to bookstores in my case. Usually with kids, I will try and pick a paperback book and then add the gift card too. It gives them a taste of something, and then it gives them incentive to go get more!

I think I need yoga at 10 -- those butterflies in my stomach for this afternoon's interview are driving me nuts!

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  1. OK...My 8 yr. old son, Braeden, absolutely loves the Magic Tree House series but has read just about every one. He reads at a pretty high level and I'd love to get him on something new. I tried Harry Potter but it didn't hold his attention. He's not into it. Anything you can recommend would be great! Thanks girl!