Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kids are like cats sometimes, and you need to sieze the moment!

Before I compare our kids to felines, I want to mention that Amy had a great comment yesterday -- I had forgotten how facinated I was as a kid by my parent's huge set of "World Book" Encyclopedias. I remember when they got them -- they were allotted a special place in the living room bookshelf (not the den) and they smelled new, had crisp sheets, and best of all had shiny gold on the cover, enticing me to find the "riches" inside.

I sat for hours and read about everything and anything. It wasn't my reading level, and no, I didn't understand much of it, but I would read and leaf through them for hours.

It taught me a few things : that books are a treasure trove of information, I can learn from them, and also I need to take care of them. God help me if I had torn a page or spilled on it...those were priceless, in my mind.

I know my boys respect books, but sometimes they just throw them in their backpacks...argh!

I also remember loving the dictionary. Words, words, cool.

Maybe that's why I love crosswords, analogies, spelling -- you want me as your Scrabble partner, that's for sure.

I thought about my boys' facination with the Guiness World Records books...they eat that stuff up, especially the gross or unusual (which it all pretty much is). The boys at school used to fight over who could check it out at the library.

Capitalize on that interest...send them on a scavenger hunt to find the silliest, oddest, prettiest, etc.

Ok, now cats. I notice that sometimes my boys like me to sit with them, sometimes they don't. Like my cat. She decides when she wants to be petted, or when she feels like a lap.

Unfortunately, sometimes those times are the most inopportune ones...I am dealing with Nick (we're potty training), or I have had an exhausting day and I just want to watch The Bachelor and tune out. "Can you sit with me mom? There's this great part..."

It's so hard. We as parents work all day (either at home or the office -- both are completely draining) and we need some "us" time...

But here's my challenge to you. Sit with them anyway. Get Tevo or DVR -- put aside what you are doing. It will be worth it in the end. When they see you make priority for them, and reading, it will speak volumes to them.

Last night, Ben needed me to listen. At first, I thought "Man, Scott is out of town, I have been going all day..." But then I remembered that time is fleeting. I needed to keep perspective. We read, and I felt so good. It had given me a peaceful time with my son, time to focus on him and his thoughts.

So when the cat climbs in your lap, don't put it down...

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