Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sometimes you've gotta just let go...

I did get the next three books in the Dragon Series. I am really excited to read them, that is, when I can get my hands on them!

The second my boys walked in the door, they each snatched one...and disappeared into the living room.

It was funny listening from the other room to the occasional "Hey Matt, listen to this!" or giggle from Sam. They were really excited, and devoured them.

But here's what I know. Matt is probably the only one of the three who is really actively comprehending the books deeply. Does that bother me? Yes, a little, but No.

Sam came in about an hour into reading, claiming he'd finished "How to Speak Dragonese" and was ready to get the next book. Instead of fussing and pointing out that there was no way he could have finished that fast, I asked him to show me a few of his favorite parts.

He did, and as he did, I was able to add a few thoughts to deepen his understanding. "Oh," he'd say.

Now if that were the ONLY reading he was doing, I would have steered him away from it and told him that it would be a good book for us to read together. And Sam doesn't like to be "steered away" from anything he thinks he wants to do. Sam is my headstrong one, the one that doesn't like to be told no, the one who doesn't like to think there is anything he can't do.

So instead, I made sure he read more, in a just right book. When I reminded him that his brothers were still reading the Dragon books, I mentioned casually, "Maybe you should read your just right book for a while." He gladly picked up his Magic Tree House book that he got from the library at school, and read until his brothers surrendered another of the Dragon books.

Here's my thinking on that. Rather than fight, compromise with them, yet make sure you win...it gets tougher as they get older, but you can do it.

If they are fighting you, you will get nowhere. Don't get them defensive...always be on "their side" - let some battles go, while keeping in mind what's important.

In this case, I kept Sam happy, he "read" his Dragon books, but he also READ his just right book, which is exactly what I wanted.

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