Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Woo Hoo!

So far so good! We were able to all accomplish day one of our goals!

Here's something to remember: Always celebrate the small steps. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by what needs to be done and we don't stop and appreciate the progress and what our kids have done.

As I tucked the kids in last night, I praised each one SPECIFICALLY for what they had done in reading that day.

For example, Ben and I focused on Headings and Subheadings and what they help us do as readers...so I told him, "Ben, you did a great job understanding that Headings are the BIG idea of a section, and how Subheadings (like submarines that go "under") are a part of a big idea, but much more specific to that few paragraphs. I like how you knew as a good reader that it all goes together, but you can focus and organize what your brain is thinking about in that part depending on what the subheading says."

Now of course I basically just reviewed what I had taught him that day, but phrased it in a praise for WHAT HE KNEW. Does he have it solidly? Well, yesterday was his first interaction with that terminology, so I am not so sure. BUT...he will be more aware of it and it will "click" in future exposures if he doesn't have it now.

The other thing is that we reviewed RIGHT BEFORE HE SLEPT. Brain research is showing that those last few minutes before you go down for the night are perfect times to do review if you want to remember it. Yes, those late night college cram sessions actually did help.

So at the end of the day, take a minute, review by way of PRAISING!

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