Saturday, March 20, 2010


My day ended on a really high note. Being the mother of four boys is somewhat, well, limiting in that many babysitters find it daunting to watch that many, plus it hits the pocketbook hard. So Scott and I have been out, but not that much since moving to Texas and leaving the family (who LOVE to watch the boys).

But we went out last night! (here's where you are supposed to cheer or if you were on Facebook, put a "like."

Living in Austin has some real perks, namely the SXSW music festival. WAY FUN...we enjoyed the night and even saw Smokey Robinson, who, by the way, still sings his great songs -- but has to regain cardio composure between each one by talking to the audience for about five minutes...enjoyable none the less. Before his set was this AWESOME band playing Motown...they ROCKED!

Oh, I supposed to be talking reading?

We did see the movie. And the boys liked it. A lot.

Me? Well, it inspired some ways I as a mom can make my future middle schoolers cringe when I am around...but, I just thought it was ok. I don't know if it would inspire any kids to pick up the book if they hadn't already. Maybe it would. But the book, as usual, is so much funnier.

It did spark some fun conversations with my boys, however. I promised never to take them to a mother/son dance and groove in front of their friends, for one (although I would be SOOOO good all their friends would wish I was THEIR cool mom). No, seriously, we compared how the images in the book were stick figure/comic style and they had to adjust their minds to the person who played the character in the movie.

They told me they enjoyed the movie, but it was so much funnier to read about Rodrick (the older brother) "torturing" Greg, and that the way it was shown was funny, but they liked the way it was written in the book (Tween sarcastic).

So, suffice it to say, it is a good one to see, and it will provide an opportunity for you to talk about the differences in the book/movie...and lead to more talk about how that happens with many movies and books.

Next one to come out, by the way, is How to Train A Dragon...

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