Friday, March 19, 2010


Today is a HUGE day in my house. If you don't know about this book, you may not have boys.

Usually, I am not a big fan of movies made from books, but again, on the flip side, if the movie gets kids to read the book -- what the heck, I am game.

But Jeff Kinney, now making the big bucks, has created a boy phenomenon. It is a series of books based on the life of a preteen boy who is going through the normal bumps in life, somewhat more hilariously.

And boys love it.

Booger jokes, girls, brothers, bullies, even "the cheese touch" have been all a part of my boys' life since they first picked up the books. Ben and Sam each had their own copies of the books before Kindergarten, and have read and reread all three books many times.

I read a review on it this morning in the Statesman, where they gave it a grade B. They said parents wouldn't be as enthralled with it (there aren't jokes thrown in just for us) unless they secretly still snicker over the silliness, but kids will love it.

So we are going to see it. I hope we get a seat!

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