Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Getting Kids to Read by helping them GET to books

Here's what I have done since 8 am this morning (it's 12:30) -- with no break -- CLEAN AND ORGANIZE...just the boys' rooms! Ever feel completely discombobulated (spelling?) and the urge to get it all into the right places?

Well, the urge didn't just strike me, nor should I really have to reorganize and purge since we JUST moved a few months ago, but Ben lost his glasses.

His really expensive, better-not-lose-them-son glasses.

And we have an eye doctor appt. next week. GREAT.

So I decided to get in there since he's "looked everywhere mom, I swear" and hasn't come up with them.

In the midst of all the cleaning and sorting, I discovered some books crammed into places where I am sure they couldn't have ever found them. I also realized that some of the easy readers that Nick might be ready for now were in places he couldn't reach!

How's that working?

It isn't. So here's my suggestion for today. Kids love to browse books, and are intimidated by rows of spines. They don't know where to start. Go buy yourself a bunch of rubbermaid shoe tubs and a few larger ones for picture books (or baskets if you really need the pottery barn look) and put them so they browse the bin, looking at the covers. Trust me, your kids are far more apt to pull books out.

That's where today came in. For me, I rotated some bins. Put some of the ones they have had for a while in a different place or on a different shelf. Now they will look at the bookshelf and new titles will catch their eye.

So make sure your kids aren't overwhelmed, and can get at what you have...

and I didn't find the glasses, either.

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