Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Latest Craze to Hit My House (and how I still kind of win)

So Webkins are out, Club Penguin is in -- which is basically Webkins in penguin and some sort of poofball-creature outfits.

I gave in -- sort of.

The boys have been playing the computer versions of these little adopt an animal with friends and have been begging me to take them to get the stuffed animal versions. I took the twins last night to Target, and let them each choose one...but they bought them with their own money.

What in the heck does this have to do with reading? Well, after going to the toy aisle for the stuffed animal, we went to the book section where, lo and behold, there are Club Penguin books! You know what's coming, and they did too. I bought them each one of the books and made them promise to READ them before they got to log in their animals. OOOOH.

The thing about these books is, they aren't that bad, really. I am not a big fan of the comic/tv related books, but, as we began these books together, I saw some merit them.

First off, they are the "choose your own adventure" type book, so they can read them over and over, selecting different paths that would take them to different pages, and therefore, different outcomes.

Secondly, they were actually really descriptive, and gave the kids a great deal of information to create pictures in their minds.

I only got to read a few pages with them, but they were motivated, and I felt like we all won.

So go ahead, give in to the craze.

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