Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Inspiration and Motivation

Sometimes the toughest things in life just take a little inspiration to accomplish.

Think of something you know that is good for you to do, yet it isn't easy to do. For me, it's working out at 5am every day. I know I will enjoy it once I am there and into it, and I will feel SO much better (mentally, physically, emotionally) if I do it...but man, my cozy bed is awfully nice.

Think of kids who struggle with reading, or just kids in general. There are so many other things they could do instead. They know they should read, but...

Think about when you get in a "slump." How do you pull out of it?

Sometimes it is mind over matter. Just do it. Sit and push through.

But that doesn't last long, and isn't as fun. What do we as adults do? We find inspiration to motivate us and energize us.

For my workouts, I may buy a new workout outfit, or pick up a fitness magazine (or put on a pair of pants from high school - but that's not positive motivation).

What can we do to inspire our kids to read? I have mentioned several ideas in the blog so far, but let's recap:

  • Visit a bookstore
  • Buy a new book
  • Watch an author interview on a website
  • Meet an author/go to a reading
  • Get kids together to recommend books
  • Try a new genre (magazines, poetry, graphic novels)
  • Have them read to younger kids
  • Form a book club
  • Visit a place, then read up on it (or visa versa)
  • Read a movie book, then see the movie
  • Talk...find interests, passions...and find books about it

Those are just a few ways. There are so many others.

So today, look for inspiration - I am going to Bookpeople and RunTex, by the way.

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