Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Idea to Add to Your Playdates

When your kids are little, you find yourself making quite a few playdates -- which are basically visits to each other's houses or the park to keep yourself sane when you find yourself talking to a one or two year old all day with no real conversation.

Don't get me wrong, I love being home with Nick, and we have by far the most intense bond of all my kids (he will grab me out of the blue and just plant kisses all over my face with big hugs), but as an adult, you do get lonely.

Playdates are great.

Here's what I think you could do to add some reading to the mix. Each person/child brings a book. You don't have to sit down and have an official "storytime," although that is fun for kids too, but if you just set the books out on the floor instead of a bunch of toys, watch what happens.

They will be interested, and the "new" books they see will invite them in.

I did this with friends during the summers I was home with the other boys. You would think they would be bored, but no...they loved it. It's all about things they don't have at home...the break from the norm.

So next time you call a friend, ask them to bring a book or two...add it to the mix!

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