Thursday, March 4, 2010

Make those Author Appearances!

I have mentioned before that one of the reasons I became so excited about reading was meeting an actual live author, Eve Bunting, in fifth grade.

I was reminded of this when Ben looked over my shoulder as I was reading the Lifestyle pages in the Austin Statesman this morning.

"Hey! Mary Pope Osborne is coming to BookPeople mom! Can we go???" There it was, an open invitation to me to keep the fires burning for reading.

Even if you don't LOVE the author, or it is inconvenient, or it's on at the same time as "Modern Family," GO!

Seeing authors in person is altogether a different inspiration. Shaking their hands, getting them to sign your book -- it turns magical. That book is a forever treasure, the visit a lifelong memory.

By the way, Mary is here in Austin March 9th, so look for her coming your way -- go online to your local bookstores and peruse the author visit'll NEVER regret going!

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