Saturday, March 13, 2010

See? Even Retail/Corporate Is Getting On Board

I opened my email today with a pleasant surprise. Usually, after opening the inbox, I go through and just check and delete anything from retail...more coupons/deals on things that I could spend my money on, but...

But today I opened the Pottery Barn Kids' one for some reason -- and it was publicizing their new Book Club/Storytime for kids on Tuesday mornings at their stores.

Immediately I thought about how it was another angle they took to get people in the store, but then I thought more -- Who cares WHY they did it? They are doing a good thing for kids, and if they make a buck (or a hundred bucks) more because I came in to read and bought a new comforter in the process, so be it.

Kids are reading, hearing books read, and enjoying it. That's what matters.

Will I go? Well, that depends on the bank account, really. Nonetheless, I am glad to see reading going on!

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