Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is a good day...

Gerald takes the words right out of my mouth on the first page of Mo Willems' latest book, I Will Go!, which came out today, and of course, I bought today...


But here's something even better...I found my newest, most favoritist place in Austin...Bookpeople Bookstore. It's like I found Vroman's, only in Texas!!!

I took Nicholas to Storytime this morning, which was fun, and crazy -- I was very excited to see how many parents are involving their kids so early in books and reading.

Want your kids to see good reading? Go to a local bookstore's storytime or author visits. They are incredibly motivating.

Oh, which brings me to another thing I am crazy excited about. Mo Willems is coming to Austin on Feb. 18th to Bookpeople to read and talk about writing books (and he's going to sign stuff too). It's like my worlds are all meshing, huh? Books, a favorite bookstore, a favorite author

Now I know some of you all have kids that sit on pins and needles for that latest video game or DVD release, but wouldn't it be fantastic if they were begging you to preorder the latest book from their favorite author?

Where do you spend more time? Think about where you shop...and which sections you spend time in...the electronics at Target or the books (30% off in some cases)?

Any way you look at it...

This is a good day. :)

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