Friday, January 22, 2010

Active Readers...


ItalicThat's today's thought and challenge.

Good readers find time to read, every single day. It may not be that they are engrossed in that huge chapter book...maybe they read an article in a magazine, or a comics page. But they read, putting their brain into action as they do.

Those of you who know me know that I am a daily gym rat. Yes, only hospitalizations and babies have kept me away. My body and mind need that time to exercise and rejuvinate.

So it is with reading. It is a daily workout for the mind.

Want your kids to get into reading? Make it a daily thing. Tell them that good readers even "steal" moments throughout the day to fit it in.

For example, in my profile I mention that my car is littered with books. True. I tell my boys that those mesh baskets behind the seats were made by car designers to hold books. So wherever we go, there is a book handy. Instead of "I'm bored" and "I want to bring my DS" -- have them read.

I am still shuddering from that report the other day. Seriously, average 7.5 hours a day on something's crazy how much time that is.

Be an advocate for daily reading - even 10 minutes a a week that's only a little over an hour. Compare that to over 50 on I need to say more? We wonder why our kids don't take to reading easily and don't just LOVE to read...look where our priority is in our time!

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