Thursday, January 21, 2010

See It on CBS?

Did you see the story on CBS? They talked about the wonderful news I shared with you yesterday. They added that most kids who use electronics that long these days are making C's or below...great news, huh?

I had Matt watch it and he promptly told his brothers. they may not get so mad that I regulate and limit them!

So today I want to talk about teaching kids about bookmarks. Seems simple, but if you tell them that bookmarks tell people something about them as a reader, they might look at you funny.

Bookmarks mean "I am committed to this book. I care to know where I left off so I can continue!"

That's a big step for kids to realize. They just like the cutesy pictures on the bookmarks most of the time, but they mean much more than that. Praise them for using one - tell them that that is a big step as a reader.

I always start out my conferences with kids with a praise. At the beginning of the year, if a child is already using a bookmark, I make a big deal of it. "Wow! You are a great reader! You know how to commit to a book! Do any others have bookmarks?" Hands shoot up. "AMAZING! You know what good readers do!" You can feel them swell with pride already. You can also bet that at the end of reading time that day, if someone doesn't have a bookmark yet, they are asking me for one!

Active readers know where they are in books. Bookmarks help that process.

By the way, did you move the computer and TV out of your kids' rooms yet?????

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