Friday, January 8, 2010

A challenge

Ok, so we've (I've) resolved to get in better shape, do things with friends more, etc...etc...But what have we resolved with reading? Maybe you "don't have time" or just "haven't gotten around to it."

If your kids are having a hard time doing it, maybe we better model a little will power on this one.

I know I read a lot with kids, but do I read on my own? The newspaper, and magazines, and when a Wally Lamb book comes out...but more often than not, I am reading kids books, with my kids.

I think I want to challenge myself to read one book a month -- for me. Now for some people that's easy, and they read far more than that. But for me, that's a stretch.

Here's the catch. I want you to try it too. BUT, you have to pay attention to your reading process. What you are thinking, how you are reacting, how you figure out things when you don't understand, all that. THEN...share with your kids. No, you don't share content exactly (some isn't appropriate), but you get honest with them as a reader. You will be surprised. The things you do, the things you notice, are all the things that good readers should do, and what you should be teaching your kids.

For example...I am going to read a new book that has a bunch of family trees in the front (those always kill me because I get them all mixed up). Well, most of the time, kids skip that first part. They figure those are some sort of crazy illustration that they don't need to worry about. Teach them to look at it! To examine it, to make sense before they start.

Remind them that EVERYTHING an author puts into a book is ON PURPOSE. They have done it for a reason, and that reason is to help their reader.

So the challenge again - read, pay attention to your reading, and share with your will be surprised at how much they will learn from you!!!!!!!!

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