Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Small Thing, but Important One

As I was reading with Nick today, I noticed something. I knew he did this already, but he was holding the book, turning the pages for me.

Again...he was holding the book. He was turning the pages.

How small a step, but it speaks volumes. He is in control, he is understanding what to do with books.

I know he has heard the same stories a billion times (keep reading them for the billionth and one time - it seems repetitive, but they are enjoying it) and he knows it, but here's the thing.

He knows when my voice will go up or down to reflect the changes in the fact, he will mimic me often. He knows which pictures go with what part of the story.

Why is that huge??? BECAUSE THAT'S COMPREHENSION! He knows there is meaning. There is predictability with the words, sounds and pictures.

Later, he will start to understand that those black marks on the page are what give mommy (and him) the story.

Today, let your child hold the book. Hesitate before turning the pages...let them have control. It will speak volumes of what they know about how to read, and give you an idea of some things they may need to work on.

Let me know what you find out.

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