Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sam Update


We worked more yesterday on author's purpose. Now, as excited as I am that he understands the concept, I am thrilled that he actually wanted to work with me and HE wanted to understand it.

Yesterday was a cold, rainy day here in Austin, so we took a field trip after school to the nearest Barnes and Noble bookstore. As we opened the double glass doors, all four of my boys took off in the direction of the children's section. Someone commented, "They sure know where they are going!" I smiled. Yep.

So before I let Sam get too far, I gave him a subject. I asked him what he wanted to read about. He didn't have a focus, so I asked him if he could help me with Nick's selections first. He liked that idea because he was helping, not "working." I asked him to find me a book to entertain him about animals, and an information book about animals. Immediately he headed off to the board books. He brought me a Curious George book. I asked him if this was entertain or inform. He smiled "Oh mom, it's to entertain because it is a story about a monkey." I gave him a huge hug and he went to the nonfiction section. He brought back a book about baby animals. Perfect. He got it.

Later we showed dad our new skill with another book sort at home. He was so proud to show off.

You may be wondering what new books we acquired. Actually, it was the only trip we made there where we didn't buy anything. Remember the goal Matt and I set? Well, I reminded him about that when he brought two Gordon Korman books to me. "MOM!" he sighed. Nope. Not giving in. I told him, and later Ben and Sam too, that this was a browsing day - just for looking. That was hard for them. I reminded them of all the books they got for Christmas that needed to be read.

So what did they do when they got home empty handed? Picked up something they hadn't finished yet.

Mission accomplished.

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