Sunday, November 21, 2010

Seriously? It's Sunday Night?

Wow. Has it been since Thursday? Yep. That's because my life has gone that quickly this week.

And now the holidays begin. It's not going to get much slower around here.

So I am in need of prioritization. Obviously, blogging has gone by the wayside in that more has been pressing on the immediate, needs-my-attention front.

This past few weeks has been emotional. One of Sam's teachers presented me with a question. Had we ever considered that he may have ADD? Yes, we had, but that had been ruled out - tests had shown more of a language processing issue in the past. But then I got to thinking...and analyzing, and, well, those of you who have gone down this road can relate.

I have so many thoughts: would this help him? does he need meds? what would the meds do? he has many characteristics, and maybe that is what is hindering him with expressive/receptive speech. Maybe there are lots of things running around up there and he can't grab a thought to get out.

We have agreed to screen him, and talk to the pediatrician. Chances are we will be referred to a neurologist.

All this to say that my mind has been preoccupied with him.

I say this too, to show you that my family struggles in their own ways, and I don't have a handle on everything.

I would like to...but that's not realistic.

So, two days till vacation...a well deserved break all around.

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