Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Wimpy Kid is Out!

First off, day two of reading in the morning - peace and quiet - I am loving this!

The past few days have been a waiting game for my three oldest boys. They knew I had pre-ordered (and saved about 12 bucks!) the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, and they were DYING for it to get here in the mail.

We knew the book was released on the 9th, so of course, the mail was the most important thing in the world to get on our way home. Unfortunately, no box yesterday. The sadness and disappointment! Matthew, who checked on Tuesday, stomped his foot after opening our mailbox and seeing nothing but bills (I have much the same reaction).

So they were SURE that yesterday the package would arrive. First, they fought over who was going to get to check the mailbox. We have a neighborhood set of boxes, so we have to stop and use a key before we get home.

Lucky Matt won the toss. He ran quickly to check...but by the slump in his shoulders I could tell it wasn't there.

Then Ben tried to brighten everyones' hopes, "Maybe it was too big and it's on our porch. Sometimes when mom orders books that's what happens."

So Sam starts craning his neck from the backseat as we pull into our driveway. I begin unloading Nick and the various other items I have to drag into the house and I hear, "IT'S HERE!"

As I turn to look, my porch is covered in dropped backpacks, pieces of torn cardboard, and packing wrap. They didn't even wait for scissors to open the box~and Sam stood there and immediately began to read.

Can you say excitement? Those are kids who love books...and yes, I made them clean up the mess...after they read a chapter or two.

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