Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cars and Trucks and Things That GO!

Nick's new favorite. I have not written about the preschool reader for a while, and last night Nick reminded me of his passion as he REFUSED to go to bed without reading two or three books.

What I have noticed in him as a reader is that whenever we read, he begins to act out things in ways that show me he sees this in real life.

For example, when we are reading ABC books, he insists on telling me things he knows that start with that letter ~ especially N "for me, Nicky."

In reading word books, we will see "lamp" or "lion" and he points to the lamp in his room or growls ferociously. He even showed me where the lightbulb was in his light when we saw one in his book.

Why is that important? Why do I make note of it?

Because he is connecting reading/books to his world.

He even sees a character doing something (say, Winnie the Pooh putting his hand in a honey pot) and he will say "that's messy mommy, go clean!"  He gets it.

Those are the building blocks. If Nick wasn't engaging at this point, I would be pointing those out to him, modeling how to do that.

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