Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kids Talking about Books

The nice thing about having a big family is that there is always someone to talk to...you don't wear the same brother out...you can go to the next one and they have fresh ears for you.

My boys have been talking a lot about books they are reading - to each other. There is something wonderful and easy about talking to someone your own age, rather than an adult (your parent or teacher).

If you have a smaller family, try and find opportunities for them to talk with other kids. I have noticed that happens when we are at the bookstore. They just start talking to other kids as they are looking at books.

Or start a book club. Or ask your child's teacher if they ever have time to provide time for kids to get together and just talk about what they are reading in class.

I think sometimes that is overlooked as a powerful strategy to keep kids reading.

Think of it as positive influence, positive peer pressure, so to speak. It will pique their interest, and make reading a social, fun thing.

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