Friday, November 12, 2010

Rich Content Engages

We have been doing an author study of Patricia Polocco. Her books are deep, meaningful, and full of content that kids really have to grapple with. There is a lot of inference too - they have to put pieces together to figure out some of what is happening.

Perfect fit for Veteran's Day yesterday was her book, Pink and Say. It takes place during the Civil War, and brings to life two 15 year old boys who are fighting in the Union army.

Let's suffice to say that there are some heavy moments - wounding, death, slavery, racism - and my kids hung on every word. It's a long book too...but it sparked amazing thoughts and discussion from my kids.

Oh, and yes, I cried. I always do. And the kids just patiently wait for me to compose enough to continue reading. Sometimes I explain my tears, sometimes I ask them if they understand why I am affected, sometimes it just goes unsaid.

I heard my kids gasp at one part...what does that mean? They were INVOLVED. They CARED. They REACTED.

And that is all I could ask for...

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