Friday, February 19, 2010

You are Doing a Great Job

Yes, I know that parenting can be a difficult task...believe me, with four boys, there is nothing more humbling.

We want to give them the best, help them become their best...and to be happy, well adjusted people.

Last night, as I looked around the room, I was thinking, "Wow...look at these kids. These parents are awesome for getting them involved in reading and books so early on." The fact that you have, in fact, found this blog, is an indication that you too, are making it a point to include reading as one of those things that will help your children for a lifetime.

I know it was a teacher, Mrs. June Grube, in 5th grade, who introduced me to an author, Eve Bunting. It literally changed my life. Mrs. Grube was, as many of us have, THE teacher who I know shaped a major part of who I am today. And her nurture, plus an actual author in my life! There was no way I wouldn't fall in love with reading and writing.

Now, I didn't really struggle with reading, but I will tell you I was one of those who read well, but didn't remember what I read unless I had to. But Mrs. Grube and Eve Bunting changed that. They showed me the stories, the emotions, the depth of books.

You are doing that. You have the motivation and desire. Now let me help you find material and ways to work.

I just wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job...even if the going is rough right now, your child will get that reading bug...just keep it up.

I am going to go read now.

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