Friday, February 26, 2010

Helping them Understand Confusion -- Hmm?

Today when you read with your child, stop and talk with them about parts of the book where you are confused, where you don't understand something, or where you have questions.

Kids will, for many reasons, just read through a piece, completely oblivious to how much they are not understanding.

Maybe the book is too hard, or the way they are reading it (the fluency) is interfering with the understanding, or maybe, just maybe, their minds are not completely in the book.

We need to show them how it is ok to be confused, to wonder, and to question. WE need to show them that we are just like them, readers...who have their same experiences.

So often kids think teachers (and adults) have it down, never struggle -- it's always just shown to them as voila -- done. Kids need to see process, not perfection. They need to know how to do it.

I will read, throw in my confusion, and then tell them explicitly, "See? I don't have all the answers and it's OK!"

Here are a few ways to say it:

I'm confused about...because I thought/the text said/the character did...
I wonder if?
I wonder why?
Wait a minute - I don't get it...
Hold on, can we go back? I am lost here...

Remember, you are showing them how you are thinking. Thinking happens inside, and they need to hear you say it education, this method of instruction is simply called "Think Aloud." It works!

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