Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Am Invited to a Party!

This is a cute book - I like it for the storyline, but it is also great to introduce some unusual vocabulary too!

Piggie gets an invite to a party, but doesn't know what to wear...Gerald KNOWS parties, so he and she get dressed up in various outfits - the humor part is that they don't take off the former attire...they just keep piling it on. Finally, they are ready, and lo and behold, they are dressed appropriately!


There is "Fancy" lettering and italics to talk about. But with this one, it is more the subtle humor that we can examine.

When they get dressed up for the pool party, you can introduce lots of vocabulary - snorkel, fins, floaties, etc. Also, they have a joke "We will make a splash!" -- that's something to point out.

They are "fancy" and you can discuss tuxedo, dress, pearl necklace, etc. Lots of vocab again.

Finally, you can discuss irony - not in that term, necessarily, but the fact that they put on all the clothes and then in fact all the other characters have done the same thing because it is a "Fancy, pool costume party" -- they will automatically laugh, but if you explain a bit why it is funny, that will take their comprehension deeper.

Remember, these are all building blocks with accessible, fun literature that they will learn to do and apply to harder text!

Enjoy being invited to P and G's party planning!

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