Saturday, February 6, 2010

Making Experiences a Springboard for Reading

Today was one of those Saturdays where it is filled with kid activity. We had baseball tryouts this morning and Cub Scout badge field trip all afternoon.

The cool thing is (besides them reading all the way to Elgin and back) was that they were asking questions. We went to a tree farm and they learned how to plant trees. While they were using the dibble (the thingy that makes the holes) and planting the seedling (making sure the roots were down deep), treating with polemer (forgive my spelling - it aids with the watering/growth), and then measuring 6 feet for the next seedling, they were thinking.

It got them interested. They wanted to know more, now that they experienced it.

So of course, I suggested we go to the library or bookstore to get some nonfiction books on tree planting, recycling, and taking care of the Earth. Austin is a really "green" oriented place, so I am sure there are plenty of reading resources.

Now, your kids may not be doing this kind of thing, but are there animals, places, things they are interested in? Do they want a pet? Make them read up on those things.

Motivation can come through interest. Try it out!

(I will let you know when I have discovered them in the backyard with my husband's shovel putting apple cores in the ground!)

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