Sunday, December 5, 2010

You know that nagging feeling...

when you feel like you should be more consistent doing something, yet...

I have got to carve out time to blog more. I think I need time. Time to actually blog, and also time to be inspired.

Thanksgiving was a teaser - it was so nice to have time to get done what I have been putting off. Necessary things that don't get done when you work full time and have four kids.

But I am making some goals for myself to restore myself - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

A few thoughts - in no order -

Go to the bookstore, drink coffee, and let the books be the priority - not the teaching, not the blog - I need to nurture the reader in me.

Hit the gym for yoga, maybe a massage, and a meeting with the personal trainer - to revitalize me in body.

Find a church home - and go. Enough said.

Take each kid for a "date" solo - give them the attention they so need...

Take my hubby for a date. Again, enough said.

Think about what your kids may need too. It's been a long haul since August, and they need the break and revitalizing as much as adults.

Keep in mind that we will need our batteries recharged as we return in January!

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