Monday, December 20, 2010

Finding a happy place...and reading

Today I took my boys to Bookpeople...they expected to hit the aisles, load up my arms, and head on to the next destination...

Not so fast, partners.

Instead, we went straight to the cafe, claimed a table, and spent the next hour reading our new books and sipping hot chocolate.

They were a bit taken aback, and unmotivated at first. But after about 15 minutes, they realized I wasn't budging, and I was reading, so they dug into their new books.

We got a couple really good ones. Matt has been hooked on a new sports writer, Tim Green. He's devouring the series. He got an autographed book.

Sam opted for the next Alvin Ho, which I read a bit tonight. I like it...for reasons that I can see myself teaching with it. There are details and references to things that might slip over kids' heads...but if they catch it and get it, they will laugh hysterically. I already have two students in mind for this book. Good for boys, but girls too.

Ben picked two. One, called Kickers, he got into immediately. It's about a group of kids who play soccer, and the first book revolves around bossiness and being a "ball hog" and how that can be resolved. Good for kids playing sports. Second, he grabbed a book out of my hand: "Frankie Pickle" a good easy read balanced with graphic novel. It talks about a boy who is a "possum scout" entering his car in the Pinerun Derby -- as a cub scout, Ben was all over relating to that one.

Me? Oh, I was reading Cuthbert Soup's second book, "Another Whole Nother Story." Very subtle humor, very good writing. I have several students who have finished the first book, so I had to get the sequel for them.

So, where have I been? Up to my eyeballs in school, grades, then the holiday planning...not to mention our internet went out for two weeks...yep, two weeks.

I am back. Hopefully on a daily basis. I would love questions, situations where you may need advice...

Oh, and by the way, less than 5 shopping days left!

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