Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Letter and Word Hunts

Today Nick and I shared the newspaper again, and this time we did some letter hunting. We alternated between my pointing to a letter and him telling me what it is and my asking him to find a letter and him pointing to it. After he said the letter name, he always added something he knew that starts with that letter.

Once he's older, I will have him look for sight words - then more complex words. In second grade and early third, I have my kids hunt for certain kinds of words - adjectives, verbs, nouns -- and different kinds of sentences: interrogatory (?), exclamatory (!), and declarative (.).

Play around - give them highlighters, gel pens - have them cut them creative.

Three more days...and I have one with a stomach bug, one with an ear infection, one with a bad sore throat, one with runny nose, and my fingers crossed that it doesn't get any worse!

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