Thursday, June 28, 2012

Call Me Old Fashioned (in this realm of my life anyway)...

"Just get rid of it! It's all there online anyway..."

To be honest, those words from my husband caused me to want to get defensive. I know, I don't read the whole thing every day, but I LOVE getting the newspaper every morning.

I enjoy my coffee (when I have the time), do the crosswords and word puzzles, read the comics (even though a lot of them aren't very funny anymore), and muse over the editorials.

Yes, I could read it online, but I would have to teach myself to enjoy it. I spend enough time at a computer screen doing WORK...that's not relaxing for me. I will admit, it's a rare occasion I will read an article online for myself. I will research and get tons for kids to read, but not for ME.

I think that's where using technology gets blurry. We use it for SO much - social, informational, communication, research - we even Skype or IM rather than using the phone...that's when I start questioning how much I am actually ON the computer (but don't give up reading this blog :) !!!)

I have liked the Kindle for books, but I can't give up holding that newsprint, marking up the paper...and having it around to protect the floor and table during various kid projects.

Yes, it is an expense, but NO, I won't give it up.


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