Sunday, July 31, 2011

Harry Potter

Matt has been reading the Harry Potter series for the second time, the twins for the first. I read up to Year 5 (my boys laugh at me because I stopped) when they came out years ago, but have long forgotten the details.  Once they finish a book, they get to see the movie.

A few reasons I am blogging on it.

1. Movies can motivate them to read
2. Movies can be the vehicle to begin conversations about the differences between books and movies, the images they had reading vs. the images on the screen
3. Kids love what's "in" and will give it a chance
4. Series like these can encourage reading with others and recommending reading to others

It also makes me think. Harry Potter (and much fantasy, for that matter) is not my favorite thing to read. I much prefer realistic fiction. But the craze popping up again in the past few years has got me wondering whether I should pick up the series again and give it another shot.

Readers need to realize that not all material others like will be their thing. It also may be something they like, but not right now.

Now my dilemma is to find time to read them!

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