Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I was thinking...what to say on a wonderful day like today. There are so many topics and things to cover, but I thought this was appropriate for today.

We give kids so much...we want them to have the best, we want them to be healthy, happy, and to know how much we love them. Today I look at my lists of items to get the kids -- of course books are included. At least 6 books for each of them.

My husband laughs (and kind of smirks) about how many books we have and when I am going to stop buying so many. I laugh and say...never!

Here's my take on that. I know my kids love reading, and if your kids do too, you probably have no worries buying them books too -- you know they won't gather dust on the shelves. But if your child is not as fond of reading, or struggles, you may wonder, "Why bother?"

I firmly believe the more texts are around them, the more apt they are to actually pick them up and try them. If there is little available, they obviously won't gravitate to books if there is a plethora of other things to do. My kids have haphazardly picked up books, just because they are there. There was no mission or mandate to read. They were just there!

Choose carefully. Think about things they talk about. Think about things they watch on TV. Consider their personality. Do they like fiction? Non-fiction?

If you are still unsure, blog here with some of your kids' traits...I can give suggestions.

I hope that you have a Blessed Christmas, and that there are some books under your tree!


  1. Hi, I am Girl from
    I buy books but I do not read them. They are just there for a showcase. I open them randomly , read few pages and then close them for infinite time. I do not enjoy reading. The thought of finishing a book dreads me no end.

    I come from a middle class family. My dad did not have money to buy books for us when w were kids. I never read a book in my native language as well. I had never developed a love for reading as your kids do. More power to them. I envy them.

    With the advent of internet I should not complain about reading at all. I read stuff online that interest me but no books. They are so sturdy I don't know how to read them.

    I have bought Harry Pottor series, and other non-fiction novels. I have not read them yet and I feel guilty about this.

    The only books I have enjoyed reading are by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. His style of telling stories keeps me at my sitting edge. I feel so engorossed on deciphering what is happening next that I don't realize that I have finished reading the book. They suck me in.

    I have a taste for murder and detective stories. Crime and Punishment is another book I enjoyed reading. I was crying along the way. I was so attached emotionally with the book.
    I had tears in my eyes when finsihed the book.

    I wonder what authors from the past can suck me into reading. Any inputs?

  2. I do have a couple questions, and a suggestion too.

    I wondered what age range you were looking to read. Collegiate? High School? I want to make sure anything I suggest would be age appropriate for one thing.

    You mentioned another language...which one? That could be interesting to find an author who relates to your background. Sometimes they write in such a way and about certain subjects that hit home with people of the same culture.

    Don't beat yourself up. You have read some, and you read quality. You are picky as a reader, which is a good and bad thing. Good, because you do have a deep seeded longing for GOOD writing...bad, because it makes it harder to find things you want to read.

    Have you tried authors who write shorter, defined chapters? Short stories? Poetry?
    One author that came to mind is Sandra Cisneros.

    It sounds like you like the classics - but maybe you have a certain expectation of what reading should be.

    Get back to me...I am going to do some searching for you.