Sunday, December 13, 2009

Does the shoe fit?

Today I want to give you another analogy. Why? Because I think it is absolutely crucial that your child understand and be able to select books that fit them. I want them to know as soon as they start to read...I don't think we need to wait until they are in school.

I have seen so many children give up on reading unnecessarily. They just don't have the internal understanding of what it means to understand reading and to enjoy books -- simply because they don't know how to pick a book.

Yesterday, I talked about weights. Let's talk shoes. Now for some of you, this is a much more relatable scenario. You love shoes. You have all kinds, for different purposes...just like books.

First, talk about size with your kids. In class, I pull out a bag that has a number of shoes from my family members. I usually start with my husband's shoe. I ask them if it would be ok for me to wear these...they laugh, of course, explaining to me that it is TOO big for me. That's where I relate it to books. Why would I wear a pair of shoes that I would fall out of? That's only going to make me frustrated, and uncomfortable.

The next pair is Nick's tennis shoe (he's one and a half). Their first reaction is "oh, so cute" and then they tell me no way -- it is too small. I tell them that it is like those easy books we know and love - they are very cute, and we can easily get through them, but we have outgrown them.

I pull out a sandle of that would be worn on a dressy occasion (not that I have that many occasions). They immediately say it's good for me, because it is my size. I agree, but I also point out that I would not choose this shoe say, if I were going to the grocery store or the gym. I need to consider the purpose and type of book as well.

So it goes. I have my kids in class go home and explain the analogy to their parents. It's funny, because at conference time parents mention how their closets were invaded so they could really reinact the whole analogy.

I love it. Try it. If the shoe/book fits, it will feel comfortable - you could walk for a good amount of time.

Tomorrow is my all time favorite analogy for just right books...hint...I rode the Livestrong 90 mile ride this year, and it made it to the top ten list of my life!

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