Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hmm...Best laid plans...

sometimes get crowded out by a full time job, four kids, spring baseball, and a traveling husband.

But there have been exciting things rolling, and I am planning for one of the BEST upcoming years ever. My dream, my passion, my hopes professionally look like they are within grasp.

Next year, I am endeavoring with two other teachers to create a multiage, project based learning cohort. The kids would stay for second, third, and fourth grade...let me tell you!!!!

I can't wait! I am dancing at the idea of being able to form a family with these kids, learning to discourse, inquire, dwell, investigate, and collaborate.

There is a lot of planning going on right now, which is why I am spending my free moments reading, reading, reading. And am I motivated? YOU BET!

Take this to the kid level. Kids have a desire/interest/passion...we say yes to being outside the box and that THEY can do you think they will start researching and reading -- oh yea!

We have been doing a little of that in the past two weeks. The kids studied the book, Mick Harte Was Here by Barbara Park. She purposely wrote the book to send a message to kids based on some true life statistics that motivated her.

The premise of the book is the death of a twelve year old in a bike accident. All due to his choice NOT to wear a helmet. It is told from the perspective of his older sister, an eighth she doesn't mince words. Feelings are raw, situations heart wrenching.

We talked about everything from the grieving process to parent guilt/survivor guilt...and so much more. They developed a deep empathy for the characters, and were left with deep longings to discuss...

When we finished, we talked about determining one theme that they wanted to take to project form. They decided on bike/helmet safety.

I did not give parameters...I let them choose groups...some chose posters, some gravitated towards powerpoint presentations. All decided an audience, they had to keep content and language appropriate for that level. They emailed and made appointments with the various people/classrooms.

Did I have to motivate them to read and find out what they needed to know - nope. They were on fire!

It was neat too, to see the kids who did something different -- other kids were interested -- Can you teach me? Can you show me how you did...? Where did you find that information?

SO...I can't wait. Let the adventure begin!

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